Directors & Officers insurance - D&O

Published on 30/10/2023.

Executives, directors and managers are entrusted with major responsibilities by virtue of their managerial actions and the skills entrusted to them. This applies to all types of company, whatever their size or field of activity.

Every day, more and more claims are being made against executives, whether by shareholders, employees or customers, or by judicial or administrative authorities who are taking legal action against you as a result of events relating to your position.

For example, if a worker or visitor is injured on the premises of a company, the manager or directors could be questioned for failing to implement sufficient safety measures to prevent the accident, and could be required to pay heavy financial compensation to the victim on a private basis.

Thanks to this coverage, the personal assets of the manager whose liability is called into question are protected.

Directors' and officers' liability insurance, which stands for "Responsabilité Civile des Dirigeants et des Mandataires Sociaux" or D&O liability, is crucial protection for a company's directors and officers. Thanks to this coverage, the personal assets of the manager whose liability is called into question are protected.

The Directors' Liability policy covers the liability of a company's officers and directors against claims arising from decisions and actions taken in the course of their normal duties.

This insurance offers security to managers by protecting their personal assets from the financial consequences of their professional decisions.

Who is covered ?

  • Current, former and future directors;
  • Members of the Executive Committee, managers, liquidators of subsidiaries and de facto directors;
  • Corporate directors/management companies and their permanent representatives;
  • The heirs or spouses of such persons, when a claim is made against them as a result of the fault of their testator or spouse.

What risks are insured?

  • Civil, criminal or administrative claims, regardless of the originator or validity of the claim.
  • Liability and legal protection including immediate funding of defence costs from the outset of proceedings, with the option of choosing your own lawyer;
  • Mandates in majority-owned subsidiaries (worldwide!) ;
  • External mandates you hold with other companies in which you are a shareholder ;
  • Costs incurred to restore your reputation;
  • Costs to cancel or revoke a court order concerning you ;
  • Defense costs, covered without sub-limits.

What risks are not insured?

  • Intentional fault or fault committed with the intention of causing a loss;
  • Facts and circumstances known before the policy takes effect;
  • Bodily injury and property damage;
  • Fines ;
  • Taxes, except in the event of the insured's personal liability and the company's insolvency.

How to cover yourself ?

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