Transport insurance

CMR Insurance

When transporting goods by road for third parties, the carrier is responsible for the goods entrusted to him. This responsibility can have great financial consequences if the person is not properly insured for these services.
With the CMR cover (also called "Professional Road Carrier's Liability"), the carrier insures the financial consequences that he will have to compensate in case of damage or loss of the transported goods for his principal, as well as in case of delay in delivery, according to the CMR legislation.

Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance protects you as an importer or exporter of goods and merchandise (from raw materials to finished goods) transported anywhere in the world, regardless of the means of transportation used.
Whether it is for a specific transport or for a subscription policy, AVESTA Insurance & Risk Solutions offers you tailor-made coverages adapted to your needs, either in "All risks" formula or in limited formula.

Own account transport insurance

Business vehicles are frequently loaded with valuable goods. The purpose of own account transport insurance is to cover accidents and/or theft of the transported contents.
AVESTA Insurance & Risk Solutions' offer is aimed at cars, vans, trucks <12T and also at the contents of trailers coupled to insured vehicles.

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