Mobility insurance

Your company is growing and evolving. It is obvious that the number of vehicles is growing and that this represents an important and strategic element in your organization. With the services offered by AVESTA, we facilitate and personalize the management of your fleet with our mobility insurance.

Property damage covers

Also known as Omnium, this warranty is designed to cover physical damage to your vehicle.
Depending on the options chosen, the following risks are covered:

- The fire;
- Theft of the vehicle;
- Glass breakage;
- The forces of nature;
- The collision with an animal.
- Property damage coverage, which covers you against all damage to your vehicle, including vandalism and intentional acts committed by a third party.

Civil liability

The law requires that every vehicle put on the road in Belgium is insured for civil liability. This concerns your company's cars, vans, trucks, machines and motorcycles that are used on public roads.
This insurance covers the damage that one of your vehicles could cause to third parties. This includes bodily, material and moral damages resulting from a traffic accident.
AVESTA's analysis and offer also allows you to cover claims between two vehicles in the same fleet, which is normally excluded from the usual coverage.

Additional guarantees

The coverages related to the civil liability and the omnium are :

- The legal protection guarantee which covers the legal costs in case of an accident with a foreigner or if there is a disagreement between the parties;
- The assistance guarantee which covers the expenses of breakdown service;
- The "driver" warranty covers bodily injury in the event of a claim (other occupants are automatically covered).

The omnium mission

The omnium mission covers the personal vehicle of an employee in the event of a trip made on behalf of his employer (except on the way to work during the employee's usual working hours). This avoids any discussion with your employee in case of damage during a requested trip.
AVESTA Insurance & Risk Solutions offers you an audit in order to present you with the solutions that best fit your needs and reduce your costs.

A specific request?

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