Insurance for your staff

When you employ employees, they benefit from legal coverage such as work accident. In order to enhance their salary package, group insurance can be offered to them. AVESTA Insurance advises you on various advantageous solutions for you and submits insurance policies for your staff.

Workplace accident

Workplace accident insurance covers accidents that occur during the performance of the employment contract and on the way to and from work. It also covers travel to and from the place where you usually eat lunch.

Guaranteed income

This insurance pays a complementary pension to your employees in case of long-term illness. This annuity corresponds to the difference between the replacement allowance and the amount of your salary. This way, they do not lose purchasing power.

Hospitalization insurance

Hospitalization insurance is one of the extra-legal benefits that a company can offer to its employees. Thanks to this insurance, the costs related to hospitalization are not only compensated, but also advanced. Indeed, most insurance policies offer an interesting third-party payment system. This is a significant advantage for your employees, especially since the sums paid in this insurance are not considered as a benefit in kind.

Group insurance

It allows the worker to benefit from a certain amount of money that he can use when he retires.
Group insurance provides an extra-legal benefit to the employee at a lower cost. The strong point is the fiscal aspect: the premiums of the group insurance are subject to an advantageous tax regime and are less taxed than the actual salary. In addition, the payment of the capital to the pension is carried out by means of relatively interesting conditions.

Travel assistance

During a professional trip abroad, assistance allows you to protect your employee during his travels. Numerous extensions can be offered such as coverage of cancellation costs, the cost of transporting relatives, compensation for lost luggage, etc.

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