Insurance for your financial risks

Cyber Insurance

Companies are regularly victims of cyber attacks that destroy their IT infrastructures and thus block their activities. This results in significant costs for these companies, both in terms of recovery of facilities and loss of revenue related to the cessation of activity.

In the first instance, specialists are urgently mandated to assist you in order to unblock the situation or take the necessary measures to limit the spread. In a second phase, if necessary, legal or public relations specialists will also be assigned to mitigate the impact on your clients and third parties.

But the coverage offered by AVESTA Insurance & Risk Solutions does not stop there. Also covered are:
- Incident Management;
- Network interruption and related business interruption;
- Administrative fines;
- Cyber-extortion;
- Phone hacking,
- Cyber theft;
- Liability following an incident.

Directors' and Officers' Liability - D&O

Executives, managers, directors of any company - whatever the size and nature of the activities - are liable for their acts of management and in the roles entrusted to them. Claims may be filed for breach of duty, fault, or oversight, actually committed or alleged.
In the event of amounts claimed, the Directors' Liability policy protects your private assets. It also covers the costs of civil or criminal defense in connection with claims made against you.

Fraud insurance

Cybercrime - president fraud, fraudsters posing as customers or suppliers - is a growing risk for companies. But fraud can also come from your staff!
Whatever its origin, the financial consequences have a significant impact on your organization.
Fraud insurance coverage insures you against financial losses due to internal or external fraud. Toolbox, prevention, assistance in the management of the crisis, compensation of losses, ... are covers included in the policies offered by AVESTA Insurance & Risk Solutions.

Credit insurance

The risk of non-payment is a major danger for companies, especially for SMEs which are the most vulnerable. 
Are you often confronted with companies that are granted a payment term after receiving your products or services? In case of non-payment, credit insurance protects you from customers who do not pay their invoices. You are compensated in case of insolvency linked to a bankruptcy - or presumed bankruptcy - as well as in case of non-payment of a company still in activity. The credit insurer initiates the collection procedure itself and, in case of total insolvency, the insurer compensates you for the outstanding amount.
In addition, your insurance policy allows you to check the creditworthiness of your clients or potential clients through a detailed financial report. Even when your client's financial situation changes, you are notified and can adjust your payment terms.

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