Construction insurance

A construction project requires the collaboration of many parties: the client at the origin of the project; the designers - architects or engineering firms - during the design phase and during the execution; or the construction company.
Stakeholder risks are highly intertwined, so the analysis of insurance coverage related to the project must be done in 360 degrees.
AVESTA offers you a complete risk analysis in order to propose you the most suitable construction insurance contracts for all the participants.

RC Decennial Law Peeters

In accordance with the law of May 31, 2007 - which came into force on July 1, 2018 - all actors involved in covered structural work are required to insure their ten-year liability for housing projects - individual or collective - located in Belgium and for which the intervention of an architect is required.
It is the architect's responsibility to check the credentials of the parties involved before allowing them access to the site.
Based on our questionnaire, you will receive your personalized and competitive offer within 48 hours.

Professional Liability Insurance for Designers

Whether legally or contractually, architects and design offices are required to have Professional Liability and Ten-Year Liability insurance.
AVESTA is a specialist in liability coverage in the construction industry. We have developed our offer in order to bring you the best solutions at the best price. By being proactive, we are committed to respecting the time frame so that your competitions and projects can be presented on time.
It doesn't stop there! As a specialist, AVESTA offers you additional services allowing us to become your privileged partner in the long term: legal assistance, training, Affinity, support abroad ...

All risks on site

Beyond the design, a construction site represents a non-negligible risk for all those involved. To limit the risks related to the work as much as possible, it is essential to take out CRT insurance.
To get the best coverage, this TRC policy must be written by specialists in order to offer all the necessary guarantees. Thanks to its experience, AVESTA has developed its own wording to offer broader conditions than those usually offered by insurers.

Decennial insurance

The decennial warranty is a mandatory warranty that any person involved in the structure of the building must give to the owner or buyer. It protects the latter for ten years against stability and waterproofing problems from the moment the work is received.
The decennial liability is intended to cover this guarantee via an insurance policy. This policy must be taken out at the latest before the provisional acceptance, but the site must - with rare exceptions - have been inspected by an office approved by the insurers.
Here too, AVESTA Insurance & Risk Solutions can offer you customized, turnkey solutions.

Operating and post-delivery liability insurance

Contrary to the Professional Liability, the purpose of the Commercial Liability is to cover extra-contractual damages caused to third parties during the construction and after acceptance. It also covers damages caused by the rest of your professional activity.
All of them are concerned by this policy, but some benefit from coverage via other contracts (for example: TRC or Professional Liability). AVESTA therefore carries out an audit in order to optimize the architecture of the contracts.

Breyne Law - financial guarantee of completion

The Breyne Act provides the builder (sale off-plan) or the purchaser of a home to be built (turnkey company) with broad protection covering multiple factors. It provides for a mandatory bonding system for unlicensed contractors to guarantee full completion of the work.
AVESTA distributes Loi-Breyne bonding insurance for developers and contractors.

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