All-risk worksite insurance

Published on 04/07/2023.

Beyond the design stage, a construction site represents a significant risk for all those involved. To minimize the risks associated with the work, it is essential to take out CAR insurance.

What does TRC insurance cover?

All-risks construction insurance covers damage occurring during the construction and maintenance phases, including damage resulting from design errors or material defects (if provided for in the contract). For designers, this represents a real advantage and additional protection.

That's why we recommend that you promote, or even impose, this coverage on your customers as part of your architectural agreement. Not only will you certainly benefit from a reduction in your professional liability premium, but your client will also be able to sleep soundly at night.

TRC insurance for project owners

For project owners, this insurance is the certainty that their project will go ahead, even in the event of a claim. Indeed, the principle of the policy is to indemnify the loss covered without recourse to the party responsible. There's no need to waste time looking for the cause or discussing who's responsible.

For the best coverage, this CAR policy must be drawn up by specialists to offer all the necessary guarantees. Thanks to its experience, AVESTA has developed its own policy offering broader conditions than those usually proposed by insurers.

How do I take out TRC insurance?

To subscribe to this coverage, simply complete the questionnaire available on our website at : and return it to us at : We will then provide you with a customized offer for your customer.

A specific request?

Our team of experts is at your service to advise you.